Christmas Greetings

IT’s finally Christmas Eve! We have so many fun things happening at CEH to mark this Christmas holiday.

The Nativity Lights Drive-Thru will be tonight from 6-9 in lieu of our traditional service of carols and scriptures. We will also premiere a Christmas Eve @ Home worship service on YouTube at 8 pm if you are safer at home!

If you’ll be walking through the Luminary Forest or driving through the Nativity Lights display, you’ll need to download this audio track to play from your phone on headphones or through your car speaker:

You can also read the scriptures yourself using the drive through/prayer path guide when you stop at the greeter’s table.

Hope these experiences will warm up this cold and dark Christmas, and help us all to remember the joy of gathering together to light some candles and retell the Nativity Story.

Peace in Christ,

Rev. Paula