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Tabernash, Colorado
2019 Summer Service Schedule
Sunday 9AM (June 2 - Sept 8)
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At Church of the Eternal Hills, adults can have fun too! Our congregation has a range of groups, activities, and programs for adults to explore and enjoy. Get involved, create friendships, have fun, and build your church community!



The Forum meets every Sunday morning from 8:15 – 9:15 in the Library. This class seeks to give all voices a place to learn and share, as well as listen and grow. Recent studies have been “Half-Truths” by Adam Hamilton and “The Jesus I Never Knew” by Philip Yancy.

Service Station:

Our new Service Station is every Sunday morning at 9 in the Fellowship Hall. The Service Station is designed for “Intergenerational Learning” so our church family can grow closer together as they serve God through various projects that will benefit others. Please come and help a child learn, and think about the skills and talents you might have that you could use to lead the Service Station for a week.

Lectionary Study:

At noon on Mondays, Pastor Paula leads a lectionary study to look at the scriptures to be used on the following Sunday. Using study methods like literary, historical and socio-economic context, participants examine the scriptures and ask probing questions to help Paula write her sermon for the following Sunday.

Tuesdays @ Noon:

This study looks at early Christian writers, the development of the church, and has studied the synoptic gospels in depth. Recently, participants looked into the “Q” source for the similar materials found in Matthew and Luke. Upcoming studies will be the spiritual writings of women throughout history, and the basics of Theology. Bring your lunch and make some close friendships.

Mystery Friends/Caring Friends:

This ministry seeks to forge intergenerational relationships by pairing one adult and one child for a month-long time period. During this month, adults pledge to pray for their Mystery Friend, and the follow through by writing clues and sharing gifts with their “Mystery Friend.” After the 10 AM service, the child can pick up their clue and do some guessing! At the end of the month, we enjoy a big “Reveal Party” where the child learns the true identity of their “Mystery Friend.” At that point, the friendship turns into a “Caring Friend,” which means that the adult will continue to pray for their friend, guide them, encourage them to attend activities at church, and basically just stay in touch. We’ve seen some wonderful friendships maintained now for 2 years! Mystery Friends/Caring Friends Ministry typically happens in February.

Dinner Groups:

Adults can sign up to be part of a dinner group that meets throughout the year at each other’s homes. This is a wonderful time to get to know other people in your church family.

Colorado Presbyterian Pilgrimage:

Pilgrimage is an experience designed to open your heart and mind to the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. A short course in living the Christian life, it is a method of studying and focusing on living a Christian life in every part of your life. It is a 4-day weekend retreat that is offered at least once a year. If you are interested in learning more about Pilgrimage, please check out the Pilgrimage website:

Serving at CEH:

There are many opportunities for you to use your talents and skills at CEH! Here are just a few of the ways to “dig in” and serve:

Praise Band: Do you have musical gifts?  Love to lead worship? Consider joining our Praise Band, which practices at 7 AM on Sunday mornings and then lead worship at 8 and 10!

Liturgists: If you enjoy public speaking, you can help lead worship through reading the liturgy or scriptures.

Chancel Choir: Adults who can sing a part and read music are invited to sing in the chancel choir, which practices every Sunday morning at 9:15. Our chancel choir sings at the 10 AM service.

A/V Team: If you have a penchant for A/V, please consider going through training to run the slides, operate the sound board, or do special media projects for worship on Sunday.

Sanctuary Team: Our Sanctuary Team keeps our liturgical colors shining brightly by rotating paraments and banners. They also check on candle oil, pew supplies, and other worship-related materials.

Worship Arts: Friends with a creative view on the world can help us envision ways to incorporate the arts into worship. Visual Arts include the beautiful pictures on our slides, banners for the walls, and other materials, symbols, and colors that we incorporate throughout the liturgical year.

Mission Team: Our Mission team works diligently to keep Missions in the forefront of our congregation’s hearts. By choosing a “Mission of the Month” to focus on, they highlight the ways that we are already engaging in life-changing mission. We not only highlight the things CEH is working on, but we highlight the efforts of our own PC(USA) and other incredible missions like Heifer International.

PEER Group: One of our newest missions at CEH is the “PEER Group”, a mentoring program that pairs CEH Mentors with community members who need a friend to guide them and help them meet their goals. The program begins with a weekly class for 6 weeks that presents the basic skills of goal-setting, communication, critical thinking, problem solving and budgeting. Then the participants are paired with a mentor for the remainder of the year, with continuing ed classes offered each month. We are always recruiting new mentors and participants! Please check with the office for more information.

Building and Grounds: If you’ve got a knack for fixing things or gardening, you can find a place to serve at CEH. We are blessed with an amazing facility, and thanks to the many hands that are always at work around the church building, we are striving to keep it a great place to worship God and serve our community.

Other Ways to Serve: We invite everyone who comes to CEH to use their gifts to help serve God’s Kingdom. There are many other teams and ministries where your gifts can be used! Here is a list of places we always need help – maybe one of these things peaks your interest: Greeters, Ushers, Food Preparation for Youth Group or Fellowship, Service Station Attendant, Administrative Leadership, Visioning, Praying, Serving. If you feel called to use your gifts at CEH, please talk with Pastor Paula or one of our elders to help you find just the right place!