Amazing Acts of the Apostles

New Sermon Series Starting Sunday

Amazing Acts of the ApostlesSuper Heroes are big hits, aren’t they? No matter how many times the stories of Batman, Superman, or Spider Man have been told, there is always someone out there wanting to give their own unique spin with a new comic book, graphic novel, or block-buster movie.

We recognize Super Heroes as being mere humans who have been gifted with gene mutations, amazing physical structures from growing up on distant planets, or maybe even just wealthy enough to create enough cool gadgets, cars, and an amazing suit to make them something MORE than “mere humans.”

Maybe you’ve never considered this before, but the Avengers could actually be a pretty good metaphor for the way the gifts of the Holy Spirit work. Think about it: the Avengers each have different super powers. Alone, they are good at what they do: together they are AMAZING!

The Holy Spirit gives each of us gifts, too. When we know the power of the Holy Spirit and we use our gift to serve God, it’s good. But when we work together it is AMAZING!

The sermon series, “Amazing Acts of the Apostles” will highlight the incredibly super-human feats that the Apostles performed after the Ascension of Christ. Together, they spread the good news of Jesus across the Roman Empire, and from there the news spread across the globe. Because of the power of the Holy Spirit, we are still gathering together on Sunday’s to witness God’s continuing work in creation and to worship and praise God!

Please join us starting this Sunday to learn about the “Amazing Acts of the Apostles,” and then find out how we can bear witness to these acts in the life of the Body of Christ today.

With Wonder and Amazement,

Rev. Paula

PS: I’d love for you to challenge yourself to read the book of Acts. It is a long book, but it is chock-full of adventure, miracles, escapes, and an amazing, continual presence of the Holy Spirit within the community of believers. Let me know if you are going to join the challenge and I’ll add you to my list of “Super Heroes!”

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