Don’t forget: Our summer service schedule begins this Sunday!

Beginning this Sunday (June 2) Church of the Eternal Hills will be on our new “One at Nine” schedule that will run through September 8:

8:00am Forum (Library)
8:45am Choir Practice
9:00am Worship at the Lord’s Table
10:00am Fellowship and Service Station (Hall)

We hope to be adding opportunities for “outdoor worship” following the Sunday service. If you have an idea for a nature walk, games, or other outdoor activity please contact the office.

Another reminder:

In order to make the best decisions for our future, we need as much information from as many as you as possible. Thank you to those who have responded to our survey so far! If you haven’t already responded, please take a few minutes (needs less than 5!) to do so.

There may have been some confusion about who or how many persons from a household should respond. In order to get the broadest information base we really need ALL adult household members to respond. If only one person in your family has responded to the survey so far, we urge the others to join us.

We’ve extended the deadline for completing the survey to next Friday, June 7. Click here to answer on line, or click on the link on our website. There are also printed copies available at the church that you can fill out and return postage-free.


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