Home Communion May 3 — Worship Links

We are celebrating Resurrection Life in our sermon series through Pentecost:

Resurrection Stories

This week, May 3:
“Christ Became Present to them in the Breaking of the Bread”

This week is Shepherd Sunday, and our children of CEH have a surprise for you! I hope you’ll enjoy hearing Psalm 23 in their own voices.

Our Gospel Reading is Luke 24:13-35 (the walk to Emmaus) and will include Home Communion. This time, you get to use elements from your own home and family. Coffee and Toast? Juice and Crackers? Wine and Bread? It’s your choice! Gather your “Bread and Cup” prior to our 10 AM premier on FB or YouTube (use the buttons on the top of our ceh home page at www.eternalhills.org) and you will understand when to share them at your home. If you can, please take a picture of how you are worshiping at home, and what your “Home Communion” looked like and send to cehsocialmedia@gmail.com so we can share them on Instagram and FB. Include your name and location!

I’ll “See” you tomorrow morning at 10 am for worship and Home Communion!

Love in Our Resurrected Lord,

Rev. Paula

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