Missions at CEH

Missions are an important part of our congregational life and budget at CEH. One way we support mission is financially through our four annual PC(USA) Offerings:

One Great Hour of Sharing: OGHS helps support the Presbyterian Disaster Program, and self-development of people.

Pentecost Offering: Through the PC (USA) where 40% is donated to Grand County to support at-risk children and 60% goes to the Presbytery of Denver to support child advocacy and the Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) program.

Peace and Global Witness Offering: A PC(USA) mission with 75% going to Presbytery of Denver for peace making ministries and 25% going to local agencies. This past year our offering went to support Grand County Advocates.

Christmas Joy Offering: A PC(USA) mission to help support the Board of Pensions and Presbyterian related schools and colleges.

Our Mission Team meets monthly to support missions, and supports many local groups through our “Mission of the Month,” where we focus on one specific mission emphasis, and work to create interest and provide hands-on help or to contribute financially. Here are some of the missions we have featured recently in our “Mission of the Month”:

Family Christmas: A Warm and Cozy Tree in our Fellowship Hall every Advent Season encourages people to bring in hats, scarves, gloves and mittens for local community members. We also adopt several families through the Mountain Family Center, and gather Christmas gifts for local families in need.

Shop Smart: Through shopping at City Market and Safeway with your designated shopper’s card, CEH receives a percentage of each of your purchases. All of the monies raised through these loyalty cards goes directly to mission!

Food Bank: A CEH service to the community to provide food and Safeway food cards. Over 150 are served over the course of a year.

Habitat for Humanity in Grand County: Since 1999, Habitat in Grand County has built ten homes. This is an extremely active organization in our county, and many of our members enjoy helping to plan and build the homes.

Cramer Chapel Dinner: Outreach to provide free community meals to our resort workers, especially in paycheck-transition weeks.

Heifer International: An International Charity Organization working to end hunger and poverty around the world by providing livestock and training. HI has been active for over 70 years and works in over 125 countries providing livestock and training.

Eagles Nest Wilderness Ranch: A mission to establish single-family homes in Grand County for children ages 6-18. The homes are for those who have been neglected, abused, abandoned, or even homeless.

Pilgrimage: The Colorado Presbyterian Pilgrimage focuses on the grace of God as experienced through prayer, study, worship, and community within the Body of Christ. Our missions team supports this wonderful ministry through contributing financially to provide scholarships for others to attend.

PEER Group

(Personalized Encouragement, Empowerment and Resources)

Our newest addition to mission work at CEH is the PEER Group. PEER Group provides outreach and empowerment by providing education and active mentoring of life skills, critical thinking, and financial literacy to participating residents of Grand County seeking to break out of poverty and become self-sufficient.


PEER Group provides outreach and empowerment to residents of Grand County living in poverty by providing education and active mentoring to improve emotional, financial, and spiritual well-being. Specifically, our mission is to:

  • Identify those living below the poverty level who a) demonstrate the willingness and motivation to work hard to make their lives better and b) do not have impediments to progress such as addiction, current significant issues with the law, immigration issues or severe mental illness. The selection of individual participants is within the sole discretion of the PEER Group.
  • Help participants seek “emergency resources,” if necessary, to address crisis situations as defined by the PEER Group. Our efforts will be focused on providing information and a roadmap to available government agencies, non-profits and other service providers in Grand County.
  • Provide participants with education to break the cycle of poverty and empower self-sufficiency through teaching and active mentoring of life skills, critical thinking, and financial literacy.


  • Raise self-worth of participants.
  • Empower self-sufficiency through teaching/mentoring life skills, critical thinking, and financial literacy while navigating and utilizing available public and private resources to give a “hand-up” from poverty. Core belief of the mission is not gifting material things or money but rather gifting time and knowledge to empower participants to improve their own emotional, financial and spiritual well-being..
  • Fearlessly explore psychological underpinnings that may contribute to existing circumstances of each participant and recommend available counseling to mitigate/change old patterns and behaviors.
    Empower each participant to pay it forward by encouraging and/or teaching one or more person(s) how to climb out of poverty using the methods and resources discovered by them through PEER Group.