Project 20/20: Building Community

Our vision is to serve the entire Grand County community with space for youth, young family, and adult/senior meetings and events open to all.

The completion of our basement space will proceed in two phases. Check out the links below to learn more. Join us with your time, talent or donations as we grow in service to our community!

Project Overview

See an overview of what’s included and associated costs for the two Project 20/20 phases. The architectural drawings show the completed conceptual design, which was based on input from many people. It was developed to address the overall Church mission and direction, as well as the needs and wants of various user groups including adults, youth and preschool.

  • Phase 1: Youth & Community Center
    • Large assembly space with multi-media capabilities
    • Designated space for community youth
  • Phase 2: Preschool & Education Space
    • Upgraded and expanded preschool
    • Community, counseling and adult education space


Keeping the entire congregation well informed on Project 20/20 is both important to us as a community and critical to our success. We are committed to open and forthright communications, so have issued various newsletters and e-blasts on the project. Although these are also sent via email, this is where you can find those you may have missed or refresh your memory on our progress over time.

  • Project Newsletters
    • See Newsletter #1 - Building Our Vision - CLICK HERE
    • See Newsletter #2 - Building Renovation - CLICK HERE
    • See Newsletter #4 - Project Underway - CLICK HERE
    • See Newsletter #5 - Project 2020 Looking Good! CLICK HERE
    • See Newsletter #6 - Wow, Look at Project 2020 Now! CLICK HERE

Events & Input

Your thoughts and input are extremely valuable! One of our primary goals is to engage the congregation throughout Project 20/20 and beyond as we use our new space to its fullest. We held several events during the planning and capital campaign phases of the work and will have more ways to dialog and work with the congregation as the project moves forward.

  • Read the input from the planning meeting - CLICK HERE


  • Read the frequently asked questions - CLICK HERE

Contact Us Anytime

Project 20/20 is a significant and exciting undertaking for our Church. As one of the highest priorities for our Church and the community we serve, we need ongoing congregational involvement to bring our vision to reality. We welcome your comments, questions and ideas! Please feel free to contact those listed below, or anyone on Session, at any time.

Paula Steinbacher: of (970) 887-3603
Matt Nixon: or (970) 531-4517