The Follow Through

New Beginnings

How do we continue our Easter Journey?

On Sunday we explored the question of “Now What?” as we looked at the story of Jesus feeding Peter and the disciples from John 21. For the third time since his resurrection, Jesus appeared to Peter and the boys to remind them to get busy with the work they had to do. The first time, he even gave them the gift of the Holy Spirit to breathe a little life into them. But still they found themselves going back to their “old way of doing things.” They went fishing for fish, when Jesus had been asking them to go fishing for people!

As a congregation, we find ourselves at a time of incredible rebirth. There is a new sense of energy and commitment all around CEH. The question is, “Now What?”

How do we keep this spiritual growth and energy? How do we continue to be a beacon to our community, and learn how to reach out even further? As I look forward to many more years leading this congregation, I want to assure that we have a shared vision that we can work together to realize.

The Session of CEH has engaged with the Denver Presbytery in a time of reflection and visioning called “New Beginnings.”

You can learn all about it on Tuesday, May 2nd, 6:30 PM

PJ Brobston, of the New Beginnings Foundation will be in our Fellowship Hall for a question and answer session about this exciting opportunity for us.

Please save this time, and whether you’re a member, visitor, regular attender or someone who doesn’t come any more, consider coming to learn about the process of introspection we’ll be going through over the next year.

Please call the church office at 970-887-3603 if you will need:
* childcare
* transportation
* special accommodations
for this important event!

With Hope,

Rev. Paula

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